Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy One Year, Lex!

I tried to get this post up on the 22nd, but didn't quite make it because I had a long drive. The good news is, I got to see Lex today--our one year anniversary!

On March 22, 2013, my hand was shaking as I signed the purchase agreement from the UF vet school. There were at least 12 thoroughbreds who needed homes, and I looked at all of them. Most of them were very sweet and if I could have taken them all, I would have. But only one kept me up at night. From the minute I laid eyes on her, I didn't think I could live without her. "Resale project," indeed.

I stared at this photo on the whole flight to a conference
between deciding to buy her and actually signing the papers.

My friend, whose husband was the surgeon on the study Lex was in, drove me over to pick her up and made comforting small talk while I wondered what in the world I was getting myself into. I wasn't sure if I wanted to throw up or grin til my face hurt.

She took my breath away from minute one.

I stood with her in the pasture for hours. My farrier showed up later that day, and we got her feet trimmed. She'd only had crappy pasture trims for the past three years, but we got her feet cleaned right up. I spent tons of time with her every day, teaching her to cross-tie and getting her cleaned up.

What a difference a bath and some currying can make.
I even took advantage of the sedation from when she got her teeth done to do something about that horrendous hairdo she was rockin.


Lex and I were pretty much joined at the hip from the start. We did some ground work, and within a week, we were riding.

These are still some of my favorite times with her,
riding a green-as-grass OTTB in a 40-acre field.
Of course, she had to have her surgery, but we spent the summer bonding while she hand-grazed.

Dr. Slim, Medicine Cat.
We were finally cleared to ride and took it slow.

Mounted! Woo!
In the meantime, we got her looking fantastic and feeling good, too.

Please compare to first pic!
And today, she's a real riding horse in her third career--she raced, she helped improve equine vet med, and now she's on her way to being a jumper.

My trainer loves this pic so much he shared it on Facebook. Aw.
I am so proud of her, and of us. Keep on being amazing, baby girl. I love you so much.


    She has changed so much since that first pic & you guys have overcome and achieved so much in such a short space of time. I cannot wait to continue following your story as you take on the Jumper world. :D

    1. Aw, thank you. :) Sometimes it feels like we've barely made any progress in a year, but when I look at that first pic and where she is now, I realize that she's a different horse in many ways.

      Aw crap, it's getting dusty in here.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wow it seems like yesterday!!

    1. You're tellin' me! I can hardly believe it.

  3. She is gorgeous and I absolutely love the way you handle her mane. ;-)

    1. Oh god, I should write a post on her freaking mane. It's a constant battle.

  4. What a beautiful mare! Happy anniversary to you two.

  5. <3 her! Congrats and happy horseiversary!!