Saturday, March 1, 2014

Talk About Riding Rainbows

The HITS facebook page posted this photo today:

This is Mandy Porter riding Lexito to victory in the HITS Thermal $25,000 Smartpak Grand Prix yesterday. Not only is there a rainbow, but the horse's name is Lexito. Y'all. Listen. I'm taking this as a sign that Lex and I are gonna get somewhere one day and there better be rainbows when we get there.

It was 45 WHOLE DEGREES this morning so Lex and I got a lot of work done. She was very good on the lunge line. We're working on downward transitions, which she tends to blow off, but her trot-to-walk transitions are better.

Under saddle she was good. She's just so. freaking. fussy. It's not so much that she tosses her head around as that she moves her mouth constantly and kinda flips her nose. I'm beginning to wonder if the copper mouthpiece bit is making her slobber too much? Maybe all the spit in her mouth is getting on her nerves? We did have some really nice moments today, though, especially on circles. I think when we circle it's easier for us to find that outside rein connection, so I need to bring that inside leg-to-outside rein energy to straight lines more.

My girlfriend is on her way here even as I type, so in addition to getting to hang out with a cool girl all week, I'm sure to get more riding pictures and videos. I'm hoping we can ride together, too. We're supposed to get more freaking snow tomorrow and I could just cry.

I hope everyone else is having a fun weekend of riding, and if you're in the path of Winter Storm Titan, stay safe!


  1. Haha of course you post this on a day I decide I want to be LESS superstitious in my life.

  2. That picture is beautiful! Lots of sunshine and rainbows your way :)

  3. Stunning snapshot & def a good omen for things to come. Have a ball with the gf, hopefully snow stays away & weather warms up so you guys can have fun