Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some Cute Stuff

I was looking through my phone and realized that there are some cute blog-worthy pictures around and stories to go with them. I hope a post totally not driven by narrative is still interesting.

OMG I love him even when he's bad
 I guess Mo likes to read his dressage tests. This was from Gordonsdale. I think he was sticking his tongue out because he wanted 10s on his gaits. Unlikely, my darling OTTB.

It's all Pony Club all the time around here.
At least we have helmets on.
 My nephew is really enjoying Sugar when he gets a chance to ride her. He's a bit of a timid kiddo, so he's happiest riding with me up there too and my mom leading him. Sugar doesn't care. She's just pleased to have the attention.

She is not pleased to have to wear a grazing muzzle. It doesn't matter how many times I tell her that founder = death. I think she'd take grass + death over the grazing muzzle and her one flake of hay in the nibble net in her stall. We are very cruel humans over here.

If only I had a sharpie.
 I just took this picture to humiliate my horse. I love how he was sleeping with his mouth kind of open. I got his whole mane pulled and his bridle path clipped while he was out. It was glorious.

So cute. So naughty.
 To make it up to him, here are a couple of pictures of him looking adorable. He sure knows how to rock that blaze face for maximum snuggles even in times of great badness.

Uh huh. Sleepy. I bet.
He will sometimes trick you by playing possum, standing around looking like this and then acting like a total nut once you're on. Oh well. You take the good with the bad.

M made fun of these polo wraps but I don't care. I like them.
 Red continues to be handsome. He's VERY good most of the time, although occasionally he'll have a day where he thinks the most fun to be had is in spooking and spinning. It sucks to ride through, and I wouldn't let anyone else sit on him when he's like that, but then the next day he comes out fine. I think he appreciates it when he gets to wear a cute outfit like this one and then he behaves better.

Blurry pics, yay.
I took this so my friend who sent him to me could see that his coat is shiny. Could I have done a better job demonstrating that? Surely. But sometimes you're texting and riding and this is the result. I'm pleased with his coat and body condition. Now maybe I need to find a horse show to take him to.

So there are some odds and ends. In other news, I'm thinking of doing a Great Girth Comparison Review between the Total Saddle Fit dressage girth and the County Logic. If anyone has thoughts they want me to consider--and maybe I'll quote you--please holler at me. I have both girths and I'm going to sell one, but at this point in my mind there's no clear winner.


  1. Cute pictures make the world go round.

  2. Mo and Sugar really might be the cutest lol

  3. Sugs is precious. And Red looks FANTASTIC. And Mo... well... he's the best. <3 him

  4. Sugar!!! What a good pony, even if clearly starved. ;) Looking forward to your girth review!

  5. Dawh sugar is precious. I always take pictures meaning to include them in my blog but forget