Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Riding Rainbow's First Contest

Over the winter when I had nothing interesting to say, I fussed around with the blog's appearance. Not to any noticeable effect, I should add. I need someone with Blogger skills to help me out with some questions. Or maybe I'll just migrate over to Wordpress. But that isn't the contest!

I need a logo. I'm jealous of you logo-having people. But I lack the skills necessary to make one myself. So I'm openly copying Amanda, and asking y'all to come up with one for me.

Because a contest without a prize is just an exercise in greed, and because this blog's name is a play on Reading Rainbow, the winner will be able to select from a choice of books that I love and think are well worth reading:

First up, Doug Payne's marvelous Riding Horse Repair Manual. I reviewed it here, but in case you missed it, this book is fantastic. If your horse has ever had a problem, or might have one in the future, pick up this book.

Second, Jane Savoie's That Winning Feeling. I adore this book, even though sometimes Jane's writing can be a bit... much... for me. This book has helped me tremendously with my riding. I'm making several of you read it right now, actually!

And finally, my favorite book of all time in any genre, Riding and Jumping by the incomparable Bill Steinkrauss. I can't live without it. Neither can you.

If you already have all three of these books, don't worry, we'll work something out. I can get my hands on Jim Wofford's latest, or Grooming to Win, or whatever might pique your interest.

So, details:
Let's make it easy and call the deadline July 4 at midnight EST.
Submit as many entries as you want.

Send entries to jess dot clawson at gmail dot com or via FB message or whatever.

Think about it this way: because I've slacked at blogging I've probably lost some readership, which means fewer entries, and a better chance of winning. So you should do it.


  1. It is summer and I have nothing interesting to say. Work is also slow so maybe I'll fiddle around with Photoshop :P

  2. Neat! Do you need the logo in a certain format?

  3. I suck at things like that, so I'm probably not much help. I'm sure that with all of these creative bloggers out there, someone will come up with something awesome.

  4. oooh inneresting. not sure i have the right tools or skills for this, esp given the design talent within this humble little blogging community - but will be excited to see what comes up anyway. do you have any specific preferences or aesthetics you want included?

  5. Blah!! I have no skills!! But I am sure you will get some awesome logos!!

    I need to do this too lol!