Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Go Forward, Moses

My little stripey-face is quite a darling, I have to say.

My dad came to the barn and took real pics with his camera!
Our biggest problem right now is getting him to go. forward. Especially at the walk. He really sees no reason to hurry. The other end of the ring will still be there when we get there. At the trot, he's a little better. He will actually proceed at a reasonable pace, though not as much trot as I will eventually want from him. Considering how green he is, I think this is fine. A 10 trot wasn't built in a day.

That grey saddle pad looks smashing on him.
We're working on this on the lunge line--I insist on a more forward walk or trot, and he has to deliver. He's not at all worried about the whip, which is great, but I'd like for him to react to it more sometimes. I carry a dressage whip when I ride him, and might eventually carry one in each hand if he doesn't get the point.

Mo is the most naturally balanced green horse I've ever worked with.
Who knows what he'll be like in two months. He might suddenly become a whole lot of horse. Maybe it'll turn out that the first time he sees a jump, he gets super excited and doesn't come back. That's all fine. If he wants to be super chill now while he's getting broke, and then hot and sensitive when it's time to jump...that's kind of perfect.

I look insane in gliterally every picture I appear in ever.
Just focus on how cute that freaking horse is.

But no matter what happens with him, I'm sure glad he's here. If nothing else, he's reminding me that I do in fact know how to use my leg!

Look at the east coast's cutest stripey, not the sweaty weird human!


  1. he's cute *and* quiet? not bad!! i typically prefer a 'whoa' kind of ride to a 'push' ride, but as you say - he might be totally different soon, and it's great to have these quiet, positive training moments early on

  2. what a cutie! congrats on your new partnership! i'm looking forward to following along.

  3. I feel your pain, dressage whip and spurs on my baby! Better than a hot head when you have no steering yet!

  4. Cutest photos ever. Love that big grin plastered on your face. =)

  5. He is so freaking cute!
    ♡ him

  6. When I bought my greenie she had no "go". A few months of work and training/fitness and we found the go button. I wonder if you'll have a similar situation! He's adorable. :)

  7. Courage didn't come with a go button. I've worked long and hard to put it on there and we still have to address it almost every ride. He's gotten so much better and he is a blast to ride. I'm sure Moses will get there too. :-)

  8. He's so adorable!! Your smile says it all =)

  9. He is very very cute!

  10. Oh gosh! Your stripey is definitely adorable. I like your outlook when it comes to his development, which is very optimistic. I hope he's learning fast. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures! All the best!

    Armando Wise @ Equiluxe