Monday, September 15, 2014


I have good news: my mom came to watch Mo's lesson today and took video!

I have bad news: the fake internet at my house means that there's no way I'm getting the vids uploaded until Thursday at the very earliest, and that seems unlikely. But I will get them up as soon as I can so you can all go get checked for cavities after you watch the sweetness.

But! I have some screen shots for you today so that you won't have to suffer toooooo long. They're not amazing quality, but use your imagination. Or consider Monet. Abstract impressionism is a thing.

We started once again with our walk/trot poles. He's got this down now, as long as I keep my leg on.

Still a bit of a motorbike on turns.

Fancy Steppin'

Then we did our canter work, hopping over a pole as we got to it. It was touch and go in the sense that he'd toss his head and think of himself as VERY NAUGHTY, and I'd kick him on.

 Then we got to work on contact and giving to the bridle. He hates this. Which is good, because then he'll eventually give to pressure more easily instead of leaning. Sometimes he looked really great.

And sometimes he closely resembled a turkey.

Then: THE GOOD STUFF! These are very much "before" pics. I'm looking forward to seeing him jump in a couple months.

A bit awkward.

I better shorten my damn stirrups.

There was no moment of this x that looked stellar, but he's adorable.

Sure, you're allowed to use your neck when jumping.

To jump ahead is to jump alone!

In addition to Total Crossrail Domination, Mo got to do his very first vertical.


He didn't seem to mind at all. We jumped this three times and did it better each time, but Mom's camera died. Alas. Another day.

I'm thrilled with him again, some more. I can't wait to see his progress. M told me that I better jack his price up to keep her away from him, heh.


  1. The turkey picture is my absolute favorite.

  2. Definitely get as many progress pics as you can so you can pour over them in the months to come, and they will comfort you when you think you aren't progressing and then you realize its so slight you didn't notice until BAM, it totallyis omg so noticeable!

  3. look at him hopping around like a big boy! he looks like he's thinking really hard and trying to figure it all out - can't wait to see the vids :)

  4. He looks great!! I'm sure he'll get even fancier as he figures out his legs. :-)

  5. Mo is so cute! I am really looking forward to watching his development :)

  6. "But I will get them up as soon as I can so you can all go get checked for cavities after you watch the sweetness."

    Love this! :)

  7. So adorable with legs everywhere!