Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Land of No Internet

Being in The Land of No Internet makes it very difficult to stay on top of the blog!

Essentially, here's what's going on:

1. I completed my PhD, so now y'all can call me Dr. Claw. FINALLY. It's been eight years in the making, but my dissertation was pronounced essentially flawless by my committee, who made no edits. This has never happened in any defense any of them has attended, so I'm thrilled. Now I just have to make any necessary copy edits and I can get on with my life!

I'll get you, Gadget!
2. Lex's attitude is improving, and I have spent almost all my money on Ulcergard. I feel like we've taken quite a step back in the training, but M's optimism is holding steady. She didn't buck at all today, and M didn't have to touch the lunge whip that she's been waving at her the last couple rides when Lex balks and bucks. M thinks she would have challenged me like this eventually, and the ulcer brought it out. Now that the ulcer is (theoretically) better, she's still all, "Awwww man, I don't wanna listen!" But I think things are going to be okay. M is leaving for two weeks so we're on our own for a bit. My plan is to bring the lunge line out every time so that if I'm riding alone on the property, I can jump off and lunge her if she turns into an asshole.

3. In light of the whole PhD completion thing, and Lex being a little bit of a bronc, my awesome mom gave me a graduation gift in the form of helping me buy a new saddle. I decided that if I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right. I tried a bunch of saddles: an Antares that fit Lex like a glove but didn't fit me at all, a Devoucoux that fit me perfectly but rocked on Lex, etc. I learned that I need a 17.5"-18" with a very forward flap. Long story short, I ended up with a well-loved but in good shape 17.5" Antares with just about the most forward flap they make: 5AAA. It's full calfskin, which I'm having to figure out how to deal with but I know it's what people tend to prefer. It's helping me sit Lex's antics, and I feel like I will be able to handle the bigger jumps better. I love my Crosby, but I'm selling it. It's a good saddle and in good shape, but I think it's time to move on. So if you know anyone who might want the Crosby, let me know. Sniffles.

4. My nephew is the world's cutest human.

Here he is, riding a pony made from a pool noodle.

Lots of good stuff going on around here. Now I just need to find friends in this town who aren't horses.


  1. Go Gadget Go!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Hehehehe Dr Claw is awesome. It sounds like a comic book villain.

  3. Congrats Dr. Claw! And congrats on the new saddle! I'm looking to buy my first brand new custom (for me) Antares before the end of the year. They are just so dreamy :)


  5. There goes Lex, being C-rage's brain twin. ;-) Adorable lil bastards.

  6. Congratulations Dr. Claw! =D

  7. Congratulations on your PhD! Wow! I'm currently enrolled in a Master's program and I'm looking forward to making my thesis. I hope I'll meet the same success as you did. Anyway, that's such a nice graduation gift. Your nephew is definitely the most adorable kid I've watched so far. Kudos to you guys!

    Jannette Britt @ TLink