Friday, June 13, 2014

Morningside CT Part 2

So I finally got some video online for those of you who are into that. I have dressage video and am happy to load it if there's interest, but it was Intro A and all you'll see is Lex looking unrideable for most of it and me trying to take deep breaths and get everything calmed down. There were some nice moments, but we had a terrible score and the judge hated us. Which, who cares, we're gonna be show jumpers.

We did two rounds at Morningside. You'll see that I was talking to her the whole time and that we walked a lot. Again, because this isn't our sport and no one was there, I did whatever my horse needed at the moment. We hadn't jumped all week and have never jumped a course, so I thought walk breaks would re-set her brain. I think that was correct.

And here's the second round. The first half of this round went well, I think. We pulled some rails, but at this phase, who cares. She'll learn.

I'm really proud of her. She also got her first ribbon (fourth--five started our division and one was eliminated). M is gonna put up some string so I can hang it in the barn over her stall. It'll be adorable.

I'll be out of town until Tuesday because I'm finally defending my damn dissertation and then you can all call me Dr. Jess. That'll be fun, but I doubt Lex is going to have newfound respect for me. We'll find out I guess!


  1. Lex says "HOLY SHIT FENCES ARE FUUUUNNN!!" God, she's just too damn cute!

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