Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Are Here

Quick updates:

1. I went to Equine Affaire today and got to see Jimmy Wofford give TWO clinics. He was amazing. I took excellent notes and will recap it ASAP. I'd do it now but I'm legit about to pass out.

2. Lex was NQR for a few days and I cried a lot (NQR, not lame--I am a mess. I think my horse's career is over if she's a little stiff). I thought she had an abscess, but who knows. She was sound today, thank god. It scares me how much my life is only okay if she is okay.

3. My trainer from Florida is in town to give a clinic on Saturday. I'm excited, but I'm not going to get to ride Lex in it. In addition to her being NQR, we had to move the clinic location from my barn to D's barn. It's a better situation overall, but D's barn is about an hour from where Lex lives and I don't have a trailer. Alas. I'm going to ride a super-cute horse of D's, so all is not lost.

4. I'm about to make one, and maybe two, very exciting announcements. Stay tuned!

Also, please know that I'm reading your blogs, even if I'm not commenting. I'm SWAMPED with work (and horsey stuff) but I will be through the worst of it soon, I think.


  1. I'm glad Lex is feeling better! I can't wait to hear how the clinic goes!!

  2. Glad Ms Lex is doing better! :-) Looking forward to announcements.

  3. I too cry a lot when my hoses are NQR!

  4. I hope that Lex is feeling better asap and that clinic goes well.
    Looking forward to announcements :-)