Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Sorry for the radio silence--potential Exciting Things are in the works, and I was out of town for several days and then completely behind on work when I got home.

That said: Rolex is happening, and I'm in Ohio at the moment, so you know I'm going to that. Awesome Girlfriend and both of my parents are coming, too. Yay!

My dear friend Tracy at Fly On Over posted something about a Rolex meet-up, too. We'll definitely be hanging out there, so let one or both of us know if you're going and want to hang out. Some folks are talking about the Eventing Nation tailgate, and I would welcome some company shopping on Sunday morning before the stadium jumping phase.

I'm so excited. I love Rolex. I used to go every year with my parents and I've missed it since I moved to Florida.



  1. YEAH!! Take lots of pictures for those of us who live a million miles away and only dream of going.

  2. I had actually planned on attending Rolex for the first time this year, but plans fell through. It's definitely a "bucket list" item for me! Have a great time :)