Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SB's Awesome Things "Blog Hop"

I love SB's "blog hop" that doesn't involve any fancy links but is a GREAT idea. Here are some awesome things I can do with my horses.

Celebrate the holidays with Reindeer Realness

Teach a kid to groom

Walk over scary liverpools

Find a freaky-similar Breyer model

Sunrise hacks

Winter naps

Own grids

Pose for treats

Lick our lips

Jump clean at our first show

Start a ribbon pile

Dressage in front of one of the best in the world and not die

Scrutinize our tests

Teach a kid to ride


Ensure M's job security

Learn to like XC

Road trips!

Model outfits


Jump 3' for his first time like a boss

Ride show jumpers in the dressage ring and live

Scrutinize tests some more

Summer naps

Make my coach work WAY too hard

Have some dressage moments to be proud of

Jump like a baby rockstar
Ahhh. I love these horses. Thanks, SB, for the cool idea!


  1. lol i kinda love the pics of them reading their tests. what good students!

  2. I love ensuring M's job security! I would always tell my trainers that when I couldn't understand a concept or when we just failed at doing basic things- at least I'll be back next week to keep trying to understand these things! Love the pictures!

  3. True stroy: I thought that breyer looked a lot like Courage, too. Love all the pictures!