Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Couple Things I Forgot

1. I forgot to mention that Mo came in fourth at JUMP! There were twelve in the division. I think five had clear rounds, two riders fell off on course. I clearly wasn't pushing the time. I didn't even set my watch.

Gorgeous ribbon, huh? I need to start a ribbon wall.
2. The bogey fence we jumped for extra credit was the swoopy rail over the kiddie pool. I didn't think any horse on the property would jump that shit--I mean, rubber duckies?--but Sharon was yelling at me to try it and since I was officially sitting on the Bravest Horse Ever, I just did. I can't express the joy it brought me except to say that I was too excited to smile. I thought I was going to throw up.

3. Like SprinklerBandit, I've also been secretly thinking of getting my bronze medal. Soooo now Red is in dressage training. I have a feeling the third level scores will be on Mo in several years, but I'm hoping to get some points on the board with Red. Lesson recap to follow. I'm very excited to have a plan for him.

4. I learned how to make ribbon browbands when I helped out with pony club camp. This one is for SB. THE COLOR MATCHING OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS YOU GUYS.


  1. that browband is amazing lol. also nice plan for Red, and obvi the flat work will only improve his baller jumping!

  2. I so wish there was a picture of the duck pond.


  3. I wish I could see the duck pond! WOO Dressage!!

  4. So before I got to "this is for SB" I saw the browband photo and was like OMG SPRINKS WOULD LOVE THAT. Hahaha we bloggers are a tight knit group.

    Also you definitely need to start a ribbon wall.

  5. I want to learn to make ribbon browbands too! How to post? Also yay Mo!

  6. Satin yay! All the medals! All the browbands!

  7. Squee such matchy-matchy opportunities; perfect excuse for a tackho to buy moar thingz!
    Congrats on the gorgeous ribbon & best of luck with the dressage medal quest ☺