Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Latest Tack Ho Moment

Sooooo I've been holding out on one thing over here. Not the fact that I am a tack ho--that should be clear enough by now--but the most recent acquisition(s), which I'm actually pretty excited about.

As you may know, I've been riding with an event trainer for almost a year now. I haven't actually done any eventing at all in that time, but that's mostly because I had to retire Lexi and then I bought a totally unbroke baby horse AND a nearly-starved show jumper, and then winter happened. Mo is now actually entered at his first horse trials (Loch Moy on May 24, for anyone local). I hesitate to call it "eventing" because it's intro level, which means a walk/trot dressage test and tripping hazards in place of jumps, but whatever. There is technically a cross-country phase, so that means the horse has to jump out in the open.

It also means he has to go in a dressage ring. Last summer I rode M's amazing and wicked PSG horse and learned A TON from him. And one of the things I learned is that I don't, actually, totally hate dressage. And that I might be sorta good at it if I decide I want to pursue it. Also, I have two horses who have some potential in the dressage ring. And I'm riding with a USDF silver medalist. So, no time like the present to...

This was like the happiest day of my life, ha.

Pull the trigger on the dressage saddle I've always wanted and didn't know existed. And a Total Saddle Fit dressage girth (which came with a free hat!) because it's hard to find brown dressage girths and why not go with the best?

Anyway, the saddle is a Karl Neidersuss, which is what M uses also, so I've ridden in hers dozens of times and it's like sitting in my favorite lounge chair. I just love it. And I had no idea they made them in brown until I was idly searching for a KN, and there it was. For about $200 less than the market value. CRAZY. I'd sat M's up on Mo before but never ridden him in it, and honestly, the thing fits everything. So I pulled the trigger. And guess what?

Fits the bay one.

Fits the red one.

I know there's more to saddle fit than that, but it really does work well on both of them.

He'd look cute in a burlap sack.
So I'm well pleased, and have been using it for all of my flat rides. It's been great for my position, and also, it'll help extend the life of the Antares, which was old when I got it.

I still can't believe my incredible luck. The tack ho gods were smiling on me for sure.


  1. love the brown tack!! also - i'll be at loch moy on the 24th and would love to meet you and Mo!

  2. Woo! New saddle! Fun. And I love the brown as well.

  3. *swoon*
    Wishing you well wear with all the lovely leather goods