Monday, February 17, 2014

The Ice Storm

The whole drive home from the barn today, all I could think about was the Ang Lee movie.

I am not cut out for winter weather, y'all.

I went out to the barn to ride with my barn owner, and I checked the hourly forecast a million times before I left. It wasn't supposed to start precipitating until 9pm. No problem, I'd be home by then. So I tacked Lex up and took her in the ring to lunge, and it started: the ice hitting the roof of the indoor. My ordinarily calm and confident girl turned into a nutcase, and I kept muttering "desensitization" to myself. It took me a long time to get her to calm down - I actually had to stop lunging her and hand-walk her for awhile, which typically soothes her. Then Barn Owner walked into the ring and told me that her boyfriend -- who works for the county and is primarily occupied with driving the salt trucks this time of year -- said the roads were getting really bad. Great.

I pulled the poor mare's tack off, stuffed a treat in her face, threw the blanket on, one more treat for good measure, and then I tossed my tack in the tack room and hightailed it out of there. I'm sure she was bewildered, but I hope the treats made up for it.

The whole drive home ordinarily takes me about 10 minutes, but it took closer to 30 today, and the whole way I was back and forth about whether I wanted to try to get to my house or just park in the Denison garage and walk home. It's only a ten minute walk, but in an ice storm, down two very steep hills, wearing all black and boots without a lot of tread on unlit roads... Still, this was less terrifying than the prospect of driving down the road I live on. If I skidded in either direction, I'd be off the road and down a hill into the woods. Not good. Denison is uphill from town, and that hill is very steep, but I made it up (barely) and parked my car. I made sure to have my phone in easy grabbing reach in case a car came and I had to turn on the flashlight so I could be seen, but because the roads were solid ice and no one else is crazy enough to try that balancing act either, I was fine. I've never felt such relief as when I got to my door. It's going to take a couple glasses of wine to let that go.

Since I don't have any pictures of the ridiculousness today, I'll have to show you the pictures my mom sent me from Rocket's 10 month birthday two days ago (hey, only two days late this time, but I think I skipped her 9th month). The vet came to give her some vaccines today, and sticked her at 14.1hh and said she weighs approximately 700lbs.

Let that sink in: My 10 month old is 14.1hh. She's already almost in a horse-size halter. We're gonna need a bigger trailer.

Serving FACE.

Hay belly realness.

Pro: her David Bowie mane lies on the correct side.

It's gonna be a pain in the ass to pull, though.

But at least she'll stand still for it?
Here's to riding tomorrow, I hope. We're supposed to have bad weather all night, but I'm thinking by the time I can get out of the office, the roads should be fine. Cross your fingers -- I need some saddle time! Gotta do our homework from the lesson!


  1. That is insane. Stay safe, since warm doesn't sound like an option.

    1. Thanks! It's actually gonna get up to 39 today. TROPICAL HEAT WAVE!!!

  2. Crazy weather - hope it thaws soon & you can log plenty saddle time!
    Rocket is so gorgeous - if her half-friesian manifests in the same way as Nancy's half friesian'ness be prepared for massive head! N is growing into hers as her body fills out properly lol!
    PS: Don't pull the name! Leave those locks long - although N pulled a chunk of her luscious locks out the other week and is going to look mighty funny while it grows back in!

    1. I can't not pull the mane! I'm a jumper rider! I'm constitutionally incapable of leaving a mane long. I mean, she's a baby, so I'm not gonna touch it any time soon, but by the time she's getting started over fences, the mane is getting pulled. A long thick mane like that gets in the way of a release over a jump. Plus I think she'll likely be a field hunter, and you can't show up to a hunt with a long mane. They'll kick you out of the cool kids club. :)

      My mother agrees with you, though. She'll be glad to have someone else on her team.

    2. I can post a step-by-step guide how to do a plait to keep it completely out of the way. I may be biased, but it lools fab & shows off their lovely necks.
      Often when I had Nancy's plaited (before she ripped out a good chunk of it that is) people used to come and chastise me for pulling/hogging the mane...they thought I'd gotten rid of the whole thing haha.
      It is a very neat plait and fun & easy to do :-D

  3. That ice storm SUCKED. And the parking lot was still solid ice this morning, but the roads seemed okay. Here's hoping we can both ride today!!

    1. The wind kept me up all night. I already think there are spooks in the basement.

      I should be able to ride today, even if my road isn't passable, because I left my care in the Denison garage. I'll just have to walk home, change, and walk back, but the extra exercise will do me good anyway. My walk in was treacherous but it's supposed to get up to 39 today!! So I hope by 4 or so when I leave, the ice has melted a bit.

    2. Also there's going to be a really cute braiding clinic for the Pony Club kids at Roslyn on Saturday and I think they're gonna use Lex as a model. I figured I'd ride her after that so that even if I don't ever bring her along enough to show, I can still have pics of me riding her with a braided mane. You should come! It's gonna be fun.