Friday, January 17, 2014

Heart Horses

It's no secret around here that many of us are lucky to have "heart horses," or those horses - for many of us, once in a lifetime - who will always be first in our hearts, no matter what. Mine is Lex, without doubt.

For our beloved Sprinkler Bandit, Cuna was, it seems, hers. Not to diminish Courage at all, but Cuna gave her all he had, and their partnership inspires many of us, myself very much included. SB lost Cuna yesterday, and even though I never met him, SB is such a great writer that I always felt I knew him a little. When he retired from riding, I felt a pang of sadness, but when she made the responsible and humane decision to euthanize him yesterday, my heart broke for her. They'll be in my thoughts, for sure. Horses give us so much, especially good horses, that there never seem to be the words when we lose one of the best.

We love you, Cuna and SB.

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